Amber-Leigh Erasmus

Amber-Leigh Erasmus

Sales Executive,
Continental Cars Audi, New Market

Starting off as a receptionist, Amber-Leigh was driven to work for Sime Darby because of her passion for European cars. Having previously been a helping hand at a BMW mechanics, she knew that she wanted to join a leading firm and truly become immersed in the industry.

Now, she’s a Sales Executive, doing what she loves every day—talking about European cars. Her journey has certainly been an interesting one, working as the main receptionist for Continental Cars for 12 months, before moving into sales with no experience at all. Thankfully, her passion and a supportive team have allowed her to thrive in the new role.


“The brand itself attracted me to Sime Darby; they’re known as a leader within the automotive industry.”
Sales Executive, Continental Cars Audi

A supportive team

Amber-Leigh credits her successful promotion into sales to the supportive team of co-workers and clients around her. Spending time as a receptionist enabled her to learn a lot about the business’s different functions, from which management were very supportive of her development.

Ultimately, Amber-Leigh says she wouldn’t be where she is today if it wasn’t for one of her clients giving her the push. “They just told me to go for it, and that’s the reason I’m here today.”


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