Truckstops Branch

Heidi Inkster

Diesel Technician,
Truckstops, Wellington

Five years ago, Heidi was working in hospitality. She had no passion for the work, and wasn’t particularly enthused by the pay or hours either. Fast forward five years, and Heidi is a Diesel Technician at Truckstops Wellington—a stark contrast to hospitality, and one that’s made all the difference in Heidi’s life.

Initially beginning as a Diesel Apprentice, Heidi became a qualified technician a year ago. Despite being in a male dominated industry, Sime Darby has made Heidi feel incredibly comfortable—everyone just gets along. In fact, Truckstops Wellington has recently hired another female apprentice, who Heidi is helping pass on her knowledge to.

“Any day I could be doing anything from servicing to an engine rebuild; I like that it’s so varied”
Heidi Inkster
Diesel Technician, Truckstops

Love what you do

Unlike many of her other colleagues, Heidi has no desire to move up further and be a Foreman. For her, it’s about the love of the work. At Truckstops, it’s so varied—one day she could be interacting with customers, the next she could be elbows deep in a rebuild. In her own words, “It’s just like play—I like the brands, and I like the people.”

Heidi’s advice to others would be give it a go. If you think trucks are cool, and you like the other Sime Darby brands, then come get involved. People will be willing to teach you along the way, and it won’t feel like you’re working another day in your life.