Truckstops Branch

Zane Ryan

Regional Manager,

Zane’s automotive career dates back to the late 70s, when he started as a mechanic fresh out of high school. Fast forward a few decades, and he’s now Regional Manager for five different Truckstop locations across the lower North and Upper South Islands.

Over his career, Zane’s drive for personal growth has seen him climb to higher and higher heights. Having joined Truckstops as a diesel mechanic in 1989, Zane constantly asked for new challenges. He was rewarded when the responsibility of managing 16 staff was handed to him as a Foreman. From there, he moved into Branch Manager, Acting Regional Manager, and now full Regional Manager—all due to Sime Darby’s investment in his growth.


“I have always believed Truckstops is a force to be reckoned with.”
Zane Ryan
Regional Manager, Truckstops

Passionate about development

Zane puts his meteoric rise through the ranks in Truckstop down to one thing: Passion in what they do as an industry. In his words, progression comes down to having the belief, and the passion to succeed. The icing on the cake is working alongside a great team, which Zane says Truckstops is blessed with.

The future looks bright for Truckstops. Described as “a force to be reckoned with”, Zane believes that having a team who love customers, and enjoy working together is key. That plus a settled senior management team and full ownership of 17 locations across New Zealand mean Truckstops is poised to dominate the New Zealand market.